Razzo's Psi Crystal


AbdaZibb Speed 6, climb 20
4(hd) AC 17 tt 16, ff 15, Hardness 8
Fort 2, Ref +6, Will +3 (1 against spells)
Telepathic Link,Share Spells, improved evasion, Share powers, telepathy, sight 40ft
St 1, Dx 15, Cn -, In 7 , Wi 10, Ch 10
Skills: Same as Razzo and Listen +6, search +3, spot +6
Feats: Alertness


Razzo was psionically bound to Abdazibb. When Razzo made his escape he didn’t even consider bringing this freakish creature along with him, but when he jumped portals he realized that Abdazibb came arrived as well.

Abdazibb is a Ravid that has had a shard of Razzo’s personality embedded within its brain. This makes the ravid act as a host to the psi crystal. The process has dwindled much of the ravid’s potential power but its due to its high levels of positive energy the creature sustains.

It is tough to distinguish Abdazibb from the original ravid that it once was. Still snake like but now two ectoplasmic legs have sprouted in the front and its face has softened in shape like that of an amphibian. Also ectoplasmic tendrils drift off its body.


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