A Githyanki Bezerker who was banished and forced to bear the mark of shame.


Small size speed 30(20 Armor)
Lvl 2 Barbarian +2 LVL adjustment
HP 26
AC 18(16 Rage) touch 13(11 Rage) FF 15(13 Rage)
Fortitude +6 Ref +2 Will +0

Small Great Sword
ATK 7(9 Rage) 18-20 critical
Dam d6 4(7 Rage)

3/day Far Hand
3/day Psionic Daze (DC 12)
2/day Concealing Amorpha

3 power points

Combat Reflexes

Knowledge Dungeoneering +6
Survival +5
Jump +6
Climb +6
Hide +9
Craft (weapon/armor smith) +6


Tropos is a barbarian astral pirate
going out for a large mindflayer slaying route. The mission was an
epic failure. Our ship got ambushed and we failed to defend it. A
handful of low ranking Gith made it back to Tanarath (Capital city).
Val Kith the lich Queen gave us a fate worse than death. She stripped
us of our clan titles and gave us the mark of failure. A Psionic Mark
is inscribed on our faces that means failure. It also permanently
reduces our size so we are commonly reminded how insignificant we are.
We were then cast out into the astral sea with nothing. Some of my
comrades killed themselves and others were killed by the strange
beasts of the astral plane. My character has more hate than the
average Gith which says alot. He holds his old hatreds of mindlflayers
and githzerai and now has some new ones which include Githyanki and red
dragons (they have an alliance with the githyaki). My character is a small
sized githyanki Barbarian who will play the classic defender role.
Eventually he will become an illithid slayer.

note: other Gith will recognize my mark and stature as a disgrace but
other races may not. This will certainly cause some conflict.


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